School Improvement in Maryland
Organizing a School Improvement Team
Checking Out Your Team
. Team Building
. Strategic Planning and Follow-Through
. Leadership
. Data Utilization and Analysis
. Managing Change and Measuring Progress
. Score Sheet

A School Improvement Team functions best in a supportive and enabling culture committed to enhanced achievement for all students. The nature of School Improvement Teams, School-Based Decision-Making, and participative management is that decisions will be made at the local site by those performing the functions. Use this score sheet to assess how well your current team is displaying recommended traits, attitudes, and skills that an effective School Improvement Team (SIT) should possess.

This score sheet should serve as a guide rather than as a strict rule book. It is set up to evaluate your team on each of the five domains described in the preceding section. As you read each item,think about whether or not your team possesses the characteristics outlined in the description. For each item, determine to what degree your team exhibits each characteristic, and circle the appropriate score.

After each set of skills or traits, add up your scores to determine how your team rates in each domain. A score tallying sheet is included at the end of this section.